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Image: Smethwick Dialysis Centre

New Smethwick Dialysis Centre opens to patients

A new dialysis centre, which will provide life-sustaining care to patients, is set to open its doors to patients on Wednesday 3 June 2015.

Smethwick Dialysis Centre, run by Assure Dialysis Services, will provide dialysis treatment for patients of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) in a bespoke treatment facility.

The centre will open with 12 dialysis stations, growing to 32 stations over a phased opening period.

In addition a further eight isolation rooms for patients returning from holiday dialysis, specialist research facilities and a home haemodialysis training area, will also be provided. Patients will also be able to take advantage of the latest dialysis equipment, individual TV units and free Wi-Fi access. Free parking is also available directly outside the building for patients.

The purpose-built centre also boasts a large waiting area and reception as well as a 30-seater seminar room, offices, consultation rooms and staff facilities.

Gabby Kelly, Lead Nurse for Assure Dialysis Services, said: “We are extremely proud of this new facility as it will mean patients can access high quality dialysis care right in the heart of the community – exactly what patients have told us they want.”

Dr Clara Day, Lead Consultant for Haemodialysis at UHB said: “The facilities at Smethwick Dialysis Centre are fantastic – a great deal of consideration has been given to factors such as heating and lighting, as well as the quality of the furnishings such as chairs – which we know has a significant impact on the patient’s experience.”

“It is not just the state of the art facilities which will benefit our patients, historically those who live in the Smethwick area have had to travel across Birmingham to access dialysis care. Now, not only will our patients receive their treatment much closer to home, they will also have their renal outpatient appointments, for which they previously had to travel to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham to attend, at Smethwick Dialysis Centre.”

The dialysis centre is located in Rabone Park, Rabone Lane, Smethwick.